Navigation screen protector for Tesla model Y/3

Protect the navigator on your Tesla model Y and model 3 from scratches and damage caused by sharp objects such as nails and jewelry. This protection is completely transparent and does not affect the navigator’s touch screen

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This protection is made of 0.3 mm 9 H tempered glass. It is easy to mount on the car without bubbles. The glass will protect the screen without affecting usability. The cover is treated to easily loosen traces of grease and dust, which makes the surface easier to clean.

When you mount the cover on your Tesla, make sure that the navigator is completely clean of dust and grease. The surface must also be completely dry from water and other cleaning products.

When installing the glass, do not press the glass into place, but place the glass carefully on the navigator and let it sink in. This gives you a few seconds to adjust it so that it sits well on the edges. Then when it fits correctly, you can gently start to put some pressure on it. And should you see any bubbles, you can now easily move them out to the edge so that they disappear.


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